Support Us

Support Us

by Will

Unlike many other websites in the industry, we don’t plaster our website with wall to wall advertisements. Instead our revenue comes from affiliate links to retailers like Amazon. We chose this revenue model for two reasons, first and foremost it aligns with our mission to find you, our readers the best products. Secondly, it’s far less intrusive than all these pop up advertisements, our affiliate links cost you nothing and most importantly don’t interrupt your day.

How do these links work?

To put it simply, when you click a link to Amazon (or another retailer) from our website, we receive a small commission on anything that you purchase from said retailer within the next 24 hours. Everything you purchase counts; but don’t worry it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Will this change our product recommendations?

No. Honestly, we decide what products are best first and foremost, we never sit back and calculate which product would make us the most money and if we find a product cheaper on a retailer we don’t have an affiliate relationship with then we will recommend that retailer in which case we won’t generate any revenue. You are our first priority.