Everything we know so far about the Logitech MX518 Legendary Gaming Mouse

The legendary MX518 gaming mouse is coming back, one mouse to rule them all, one mouse to find them, one mouse to bring them all and in the darkness own them…!

by Charlie Noon

Everything we know so far about the Logitech MX518 Legendary Gaming Mouse

The legendary MX518 gaming mouse is coming back, one mouse to rule them all, one mouse to find them, one mouse to bring them all and in the darkness own them…!

by Charlie Noon

by Charlie Noon

Update 2: We have been testing the new Logitech MX518 Legendary for the past week and have just published our initial review, you can check it out right here.

Update: We have found the Logitech MX518 available on Amazon US to purchase right now, obviously this is not the official launch, but early purchasers have said it is the MX518 legendary, so it is quite possible someone is purchasing from Asia and selling in the US. Either way, if you are an eager beaver and can’t wait to get your hands on one, then check this out.

Finally giving in to the clamouring of nostalgic fans, Logitech has opted to resurrect the much revered Logitech MX518 adding in a healthy dose of modernization along with the characteristics that make it such a seminal entry in the annals of gaming mouse history. Having sold more than 16.4 million since its launch back in 2005. I have very fond memories of the MX518, it was my first gaming mouse and I enjoyed many, many years playing my favourite FPS games with this mouse.

Unceremoniously, and somewhat incomprehensibly, replaced by the lacklustre G400, the original MX518 retains the coveted title as the best gaming mouse to hordes of devotees explaining why the announcement caused quite a commotion.

Is Logitech profiteering from the pining of wistful gamers or bringing this much-loved artefact into the modern age with a measured facelift for the benefit of gamers?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Logitech MX518.


The legendary shape is armed with the HERO sensor which is currently in a range of Logitech mice including the G502 HERO and the Logitech G Pro wireless. The original Logitech MX518 packed the A3080 optical sensor and 400-1600 DPI. This new and improved MX518 will include the HERO sensor, 100-16,000 DPI, 1000Hz polling rate and weigh in at 101 grams. So, whilst no real surprises in regards to the specifications of the mouse, the fact that Logitech has decided to re-launch the MX518 is whats exciting, as the shape was absolutely brilliant and something many gamers wanted to see again.

Borrowing heavily from the original fan-favourite MX518 that launched no less than fourteen years ago, the second coming of the MX518 sports the same shape and feel that made it an instant classic all those years ago.

The rounded ergonomics, prized for their comfort especially during prolonged came sessions, make a welcome return as does the eight button configuration and almost sparkling glossy grey keyplate. To spice things up a little, Logitech has revamped the color scheme to what it calls the ‘’Nightfall’’ finish and updated the Logitech logo to its latest iteration.

Retaining the stripped-down aesthetics of its namesake, the new MX518 is free of the flair and pomp of most modern alternatives. It’s simple, no-nonsense back to basics functionality and comfort.

Logitech isn’t merely rehashing a retired product for a quick buck, it has infused the MX518’s guts with all the modern tech, components, and convenience it has mastered in the intervening years.


All the promises of reincarnating a modern classic aside, what’s new to the updated MX518?

Firstly, we have Logitech’s next-gen proprietary HERO 16K sensor designed with a capture rate numbering 17,000 frames per second and a DPI range from 100 to 16,000. The sensor is bolstered by zero smoothing, acceleration, nor filtering, mimicking the clean, responsive feel of the original.

Under the hood, the MX518 is juiced by a 32-bit ARM microprocessor and enough onboard memory to store up to five customized button layout profiles programmable via Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) and Logitech G HUB. Each profile is rooted to the mouse rather than the associated PC so plugging the MX518 into a different machine brings up the profiles (bindings et al.) for use without software.

The DPI cycling buttons at both ends of the mouse wheel (400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400 DPI by default), as well as the DPI reset button that reverts to the default DPI setting, are now programmable through LGS and G HUB so players can fine-tune their experience.

The Logitech MX518 has already been released in Asia and is available to preorder right now for those lucky people in the USA from Logitech for just $59.99. As for those unfortunate enough to be living across the pond (myself included), we appear to be playing the waiting game.

Personally, I am hoping that Logitech also decides to bring out a wireless version of the MX518 in the next few months, that could be an incredible mouse.

Logitech MX518 Legendary Specifications

  • Sensor: HERO sensor
  • Weight: 101g
  • Size: Medium (13.1 x 7.3 x 4.3 cm)
  • Cable length: 7ft

The Logitech MX518 tallies up at a respectable 101 grams (5 grams lighter than its predecessor) with dimensions of 131 cm x 73 cm x 43 mm. As it stands, no news on whether Logitech is cooking up a left-handed version for future release.

For better or for worse depending on which camp you fall into, the new MX518 remains wired with an unbraided and flexible cable length of 7 feet. The USB report/polling rate sits at 1000 Hz/1 ms in comparison to the 2005 model’s comparatively slow 125 Hz/8 ms.

Logitech expects over 50 million clicks and over 250 kilometres of travel before the MX518 starts to show signs of wear and tear.

Logitech MX518 Legendary Release Date & Price

As of writing, there’s no firm release date for the MX518 in the US and EU regions. Pre-orders are, however, up and running over on Logitech’s website for £51.99/$59.99. The MX518 is already on sale in China and has been for a few months presumably to test the waters before shipping it off to the four corners of the globe.

In the US, you can preorder right now for $59.99 currently available to preorder here.

Logitech MX518 being used at the Katowice 2019 qualifiers

We’ve been informed that both Kenny S and jaCkz were using the new Logitech MX518 during the qualifying stages of the IEM Katowice CSGO tournament last week.

You can see both KennyS and jaCkz rocking the MX518 herehere and here.


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