Asus ROG Sheath Mousepad Review

Create a consistent gaming surface with the ROG Sheath and destroy your rivals!

by Shaun

Asus ROG Sheath Mousepad Review

Create a consistent gaming surface with the ROG Sheath and destroy your rivals!

by Shaun

by Shaun

The ROG Sheath mousepad from ASUS is one of the nicest looking gaming mouse pads we tested. Being one of the largest pads in the world it covers around two-thirds of my desk, which I’m a fan of. My keyboard sits on top of a sleek and shiny black finish with a pleasing logo and pattern located on the right-hand side of the mouse pad. These days around £30/$30 for a mouse pad this size is standard so you are getting a quality product for a similar price as it’s competitors.


  • Aesthetically pleasing – Simple and stylish design with a visually appealing logo.
  • High quality and Resilient – Looks high quality and feels durable.
  • Easy to clean – Really smooth surface makes it easier to clean than other mouse pads.
  • Non-slip – Rubber base stops the mousepad from moving when playing.
  • Comfortable – The soft smooth surface feels nice against the arm and wrist.


  • Edge – The merrowed edge doesn’t have non-stick rubber beneath it allowing occasional small movements. (nitpick)


asus rog sheath mouse pad

The ROG Sheath mouse pads design is simple but flawless. Its uninterrupted smooth finish is pleasing on the eye but also helps provide an effortless glide with the mouse. Its woven fabric also has a large logo that blends in with a pattern on the right of the mouse pad, this pattern softly fading into the black abyss of the rest of the mouse pad. The ROG Sheath is finished with merrowed edges providing a nice polished feel to the pad.


The ROG Sheath looks and feels high quality but it doesn’t stop there. The Performance is excellent as its smooth surface designed for speed offers almost no resistance when playing. It reminds me of the SteelSeries QcK XXL surface as they are a similar size. They are comparable in terms of performance too as they share a similar thickness and material.


asus rog sheath mouse pad

Another reason to give this mouse pad greater thought is the rigorous testing these pads have been through. The ROG Sheath has been exposed to temperatures of -30°C and 60°C for over 55 hours and has also been used in a mouse glide test covering a distance the equivalent of 250 kilometers. Above it was mentioned the edge can sometimes move when using the mouse near it due to the marrow edge(stitched edge) but this is a small thing to pick up on as the marrow edge will prolong the life of the mouse pad and stop those edges fraying.


asus rog sheath mouse pad size

The dimensions of the ROG Sheath mouse pad are (900 x 440 x 3 mm) which is definitely one of the larger mouse pads on the market. This mouse pad is very similar in size to both the ROG Scabbard and the SteelSeries QcK XXL spanning a massive 900 mm across the desk. Unlike its rivals, though the ROG Sheath has an extra 40 mm in width and sits in between the other two mouse pads in terms of thickness at 3 mm. To put that size in perspective the ROG Sheath will take over most of the desk space but if your someone like me who prefers having a ‘desk’ pad then this is worth a look at.

The ROG Sheath only comes in one size like all of ASUS mouse pads, but they do offer smaller products.

  • Small (320 x 270 x 2 mm) –  ASUS ROG Whetstone
  • Medium (400 x 450 x 2 mm) – ASUS ROG Strix Edge

Our Verdict

Overall the ROG Sheath provides a brilliant surface to game or work on. It’s affordable, stylish and performs well. This mouse pad is a really high-quality product that just ticks all the boxes for a cloth pad. Its silky surface offers little resistance when gaming and is a joy to use. Whether you get this or not is down to preference but if you were considering getting a new cloth surface then this has to be considered.

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