SteelSeries to launch a new series of gaming mice

Everything we know so far about the SteelSeries Zero launch of gaming mice

by Shaun

SteelSeries to launch a new series of gaming mice

Everything we know so far about the SteelSeries Zero launch of gaming mice

by Shaun

by Shaun

This hasn’t been officially confirmed, however, a Naver blog has leaked information that SteelSeries is launching a new series of gaming mice, the ‘Zero’ range which will include 5 variations from Zero 4, Zero 4x, Zero 6, Zero 6x and Zero 9 wireless.

steelseries zero gaming mice

Note: the image is from a SteelSeries survey that was sent out to a select group of gamers.

From the image, we can see that the entire collection is using the new TrueMove Pro sensor, which we would assume is simply a variant of the TrueMove 3 Sensor that uses 16K CPI as opposed to the 18K CPI in this announcement. Not only this, but the SteelSeries Zero are also utilising new switches which are tested for 100 million clicks, as opposed to the normal Omron 50 million. The full range should be capable of a polling rate of 8000 according to sources.

SteelSeries Zero 4 & 4X

The Zero 4 and Zero 4x are identical in specification, however, the Zero 4 will be right-handed and the 4x ambidextrous. They will both be packed with the TrueMove Pro sensor but will not have the OLED screen that SteelSeries gamers will be used to with the Rival 700 series. Both of these gaming mice will be priced at $49.99/£59.99.

SteelSeries Zero 6 & 6X

The difference between the Zero 6 series and the Zero 4 series is the size and shape, although we have yet to gather details on the size and weight of the SteelSeries Zero release.

SteelSeries Zero 9 Wireless

It’s safe to assume that the SteelSeries Zero 9 will be a right-handed wireless gaming mouse. It appears SteelSeries have been working closely with CSGO, DOTA 2, and PUBG players to develop a gaming mouse for competitive players.

The Zero 9 has the same sensors, switches, finish, and features as the others but of course has SteelSeries wireless technology built in. SteelSeries claims to offer a wired experience without a wire with a lag-free performance at 1000Hz and no dropped packets of information.

SteelSeries have come up with a way to give you a completely wireless experience without having to buy an expensive charging mouse pad. The Zero 9 will feature a dual battery that you can swap out while you stick the other one to charge in the all-new multipurpose dock. The dock will come as standard and do a bit more than just charge your spare battery. The dock acts as your dongle receiver and gives you updates on the battery charge and the strength of your wireless signal. The Zero 9 will only feature RGB lighting on the scroll wheel to preserve battery life and SteelSeries will be selling a 50-hour battery separately (not sure how long the batteries you get with the mouse last yet).

The mouse does seem to feature a few gimmicks taken from the older 700 series like the OLED. SteelSeries seems to be trying to make it functional though and the new releases will let you change your mouse settings using the OLED with the data stored on the highspeed ARM MCU.  No more software required!

We shall be updating this as soon as we can uncover more details on this new range of SteelSeries gaming mice.

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