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Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad Review

The Corsair MM300 is a stylish desk-sized pad that has been optimised to deliver great performance with tracking and speed.

by Shaun

Gaming Mouse Pads Guide

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad Review

The Corsair MM300 is a stylish desk-sized pad that has been optimised to deliver great performance with tracking and speed.

by Shaun

by Shaun

The Corsair MM300 cloth mouse pad is available in 3 sizes, small, medium, and extended which is the one we have here. The extended MM300 is a smooth surface that offers a balance of control and speed with an optimised surface that is compatible with both laser and optical mice.

The mousepad has a great length to it at 92 cm and is considered to be a desk pad despite being quite narrow. The pad has a nice pattern on the top that resembles scratched steel/aluminium and the logo isn’t stuck on top so it won’t interfere with your mouse. There is a rubber base for grip and the edges have a merrow stitching to prolong the life and prevent the top layer fraying. Overall it’s a really solid pad but let’s see how it compares to the other mousepads we recommend.


  • Design – Scratched steel pattern with a large Corsair logo in the corner.
  • Textile-Weave – Precise control with low friction movement.
  • Optimised – Compatible with all sensors (Laser or optical).
  • Sizes – Available in 3 sizes.
  • Non-Slip – Rubber base.
  • Anti-Fray – The stitched merrowed edge stops the surface from fraying at the sides.


  • Edge – The merrowed edge doesn’t have non-stick rubber beneath it allowing occasional small movements.

corsair mm300 mouse pad review


  • Surface Type: Soft
  • Surface Texture: Cloth
  • Size: From (256 x 210 x 3 mm) to (920 x 300 x 3 mm)

What’s in the box

Corsairs packaging is always simple yet professional and you often feel you have bought a product that is built to last just from looking at the box. The box is mostly black and is accented by the classic yellow we see featured on almost every box. The products featured on the front with mousepad dimensions and alternative options on the surrounding panels. The product is rolled up as you would expect and after having it on my desk for around 5-10 mins it appeared to flatten out nicely.

Inside we have:

  • Corsair MM300 Extended Mouse Pad
  • Warranty


corsair mm300 mouse pad review

Corsair hasn’t just released another jet black mouse pad into the market they have added a surprisingly visually appealing pattern to the surface and its not as hideous as you might think. Normally my preference is towards plain black mouse pads but with the Corsair MM300, you get a scratched metal pattern and a large dark Corsair ‘sails’ logo towards the right making the pad unique and visually striking right off the bat. The pad is stylish and in the bottom right corner, we see some smaller branding with the little white corsair logo which has thankfully been woven into the fabric rather than slapped on at the end. The surface is really smooth when you compare it to the HyperX Fury S mouse pad and feels a lot closer to the surface on the Asus ROG Sheath. Any mouse (even my old Deathadder with no feet) glide across this mouse pad with ease and movements always felt precise and speedy which is down to the tightly woven fabric. The tight weave gives next to no friction whilst also providing great tracking. The pad features a stitched merrowed edge which will prevent the top layer from fraying after prolonged use and it does add some style points too. Underneath the pad, we see a textured rubber base which will prevent the pad from moving on your desk and while using this pad I didn’t notice any deviation on my sensor so no issues with this rubber base here however due to the stitched edge there is very small movement around the edges if your mouse strays that far.

corsair mm300 mousepad review

This tight weave does create a nice silky-smooth surface but it also makes the pad easier to clean when compared to slightly rougher textured pads like the QcK Heavy or HyperX Fury S. That being said I would still take care not to spill liquids/ food on this pad as it is cloth and will never be as easy to clean as a hard surface.


The MM300 overall reminds me of a slightly wider and thicker extended Glorious Stealth mouse pad. They both feel quite smooth on top with stitched edges and a narrower overall size but the MM300 feels a bit chunkier and it doesn’t easily move on my desk as much making it superior in my eyes. The pad feels fantastic and was an excellent base for my keyboard and mouse while providing a comfy space to rest my wrists on. I’m a fan of this silky type of surface and it’s been optimised which really shone through in-game as tracking was still as easy as a control pad while flicks felt faster due to the speedy nature of the pad.

Both my desk at the office and at home are veneered smooth wood and at no point over my week of testing did I notice any slipping from the pad in-game. The base really cemented the desk to the pad but it is worth noting the stitched edge does allow for a little bit of wiggle around the edges but it was hardly noticeable and didn’t affect me while playing.


corsair mm300 mouse pad review

We are dealing with a desk-sized pad here but due to it being narrower than some of the extended pads out there it only really took up a third of my desk compared to two thirds from the Asus ROG Sheath and QcK XXL. Don’t think the pads a small one because I said it only takes up one-third of my desk as it is a lengthy one at 92 cm making it as long as Razer Goliathus pad. It may be one of the longer pads we recommend but it’s certainly not the widest as its only 30 cm wide. The width is quite small and as always will come down to your preference but for me, I prefer the extra wide Asus ROG Sheath however you can go even narrower with the extended Glorious Stealth (27 cm).  The pad has a nice average thickness of 3mm which I find to be an optimum thickness for both transporting the pad with ease and having it stay cemented to your desk.

Corsair offers this pad in a few different size options ranging from small to extended. These options are great for gamers/workers with limited desk space or generally different sensitivity and preferences.

  • Small – 256 x 210 x 3 mm/ 88 grams
  • Medium – 360 x 300 x 3 mm/ 91 grams
  • Extended – 930 x 300 x 3 mm/ 454 grams

Mousepad Testing Section

  • Aim Test  – test the mouse pad with the same mouse on CS GO aim training map, take average of scores.

Mousepad Comparison Section

  • Compare the mousepad to similar competitors or to its own brands previous model

Our Verdict

The Corsair MM300 overall is comfortable to use whether I was gaming or working and I found the pattern on the top grew on me day by day. The quality as you would expect from Corsair is superb and the pad won’t be fraying anytime soon with the stitched edge and tightly woven surface. It has been optimised and the surface was a joy to game on thanks to the speedy nature of the silky surface feeling more or less frictionless. Tracking was easy and the mousepad felt really precise through all FPS titles I tested the mousepad on. The width is potentially an issue for some but as I mentioned before if you prefer a much wider pad then go for the Asus ROG Sheath as it shares a similar smooth surface. With this pad the quality is fantastic and it will bring some consistency to your aim for sure and has to be considered.

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