Gaming Mouse Pads Guide

Razer Firefly RGB Mouse Pad Review

Let there be (more) Light!

by Shaun

Gaming Mouse Pads Guide

Razer Firefly RGB Mouse Pad Review

Let there be (more) Light!

by Shaun

by Shaun

The Razer Firefly hard mouse pad like most Razer products is a visually stimulating piece of technology. The Firefly is a medium sized pad which will fit on even the most compact desk spaces as its 355 x 255 x 4 mm. It is however only available in this one size so if you need something bigger this may not be for you. The Firefly features Razers Chroma lighting that can be fully customised in the Synapse software. The RGB lighting emits a large spectrum of colours subtly from underneath the edge of the pad. The Mouse pad is completely black to help compliment the lighting with a stylish bevelled edge. It features the Razer logo in the top right corner of the pad, which also lights up. The Firefly boasts a micro-textured hard surface to give gamers a mixture of speedy movement and accurate control. The Firefly comes with a hefty price tag though at around £50/$50. It may seem like quite a lot of money for a mouse pad but if you’re looking for that little bit of extra flare to complete the setup then this mouse pad is worth a look at. You should also check out our guide to the best mouse pads for gaming here.


  • Visually Exciting – Simplistic and elegant design.
  • High quality – High quality build with a durable surface.
  • Easy to clean – Hard surface can be wiped down.
  • Non-slip – Rubber base stops the mouse pad from moving when playing.
  • Great Tracking – Optimised surface engineered for a balance of control and speed.


  • Price – Priced around £50/$50, which is quite a lot for a mouse pad.
  • USB Slot – You will lose a USB slot for the privilege of RGB.
  • Extra wire – Additional wire for powering the RGB.

What’s in the box section

  • What’s in the box – box shot plus what is in the box


razer firefly mouse pad review

As i have been using cloth pads for quite a while I was sceptical about the Razer Firefly hard surface at first. It only comes in one size and with a much higher price tag than your standard gaming mouse pad. Once I had this in my hands though I started to change my mind. The Firefly feels excellent, it weighs a nice amount for a medium pad at 381 grams.  Its hard plastic material has a little bit of give in it but it generally feels very high quality and sturdy. The smooth textured surface is only broken by the Razer logo which of course lights up with the lighting strips. The lighting strips go almost all the way around the bottom of the mouse pad but stop close to the power station located at the top in the centre. Being RGB the mouse pad requires power so there is a slightly raised area at the top accommodating for this. The power cord is fixed in position but does feel durable and the wire is braided for extra protection against ware.

Razer has smoothed out the edges of the power station (where the wire goes into the pad) in order to stop wire drag while playing, which I think is a smart design feature. The edges of the Firefly contain the RGB lighting on the bottom of a bevelled plastic rim. This Smooth edge highlights the Chroma lighting and textured surface nicely whilst also eliminating any wire drag from your mouse.


razer firefly rgb mouse pad

The Razer Firefly features a hard, micro-textured surface. This ensures gamers can enjoy great speeds balanced with precise control. The micro-textured surface helps any mouse sensor track movement seamlessly, giving you that extra confidence in team fights or aim duels. This pad also boasts a lab tested coating with microscopic crystalline specs, which enhances the reflective nature of the surface and gives gamers faster response times. The bottom of the pad comes with a textured rubber coating that sticks to almost any desk and is difficult to move while playing.


razer firefly mouse pad

The Firefly is a medium-sized mouse pad and only comes in one size. This size makes the Firefly able to fit on most peoples desks, but if not you can always orientate it vertically if you are challenged for space. This mouse pad is very similar in size to the Corsair mm800 POLARIS and the Coolermaster MP720 but The Razer Firefly has produced a really stylish subtle RGB solution for gamers. This is a moderately low profile hard surface to use which is impressive considering the extra technology inside. The Firefly sits just 4mm high and won’t feel uncomfortable under the wrist. The size of the wire cable I found to be too long and required a bit of cable management as there wasn’t much of a gap between my machine and desk. You obviously won’t be able to roll this up like a cloth pad but it is slim enough for a rucksack and would be transported with ease to events.

  • Dimensions – (355 x 255 x 4 mm)
  • Wire length – (7 feet)


razer firefly mouse pad

The main and only feature of the Razer Firefly is its Chroma RGB lighting. The Chroma lighting gives you 16.8 million different colours which can be customised through the Synapse software. As I was already using the Razer Deathadder Elite mouse the software instantly recognised the mouse pad and added it to the Synapse software. The Software syncs up Razer devices and lets your different Razer peripherals glow as one. If this was to be your first Razer product that requires Synapse then don’t worry it’s very easy to install and use.


Customise your RGB visual display with Razers Synapse software. Firstly you must install the software to change the various colours and effects on the mouse pad. The software does require you to sign up with your email account but this means you can take your settings anywhere with an internet connection and have them instantly running once signed in. Razer Synapse is user-friendly so its relatively easy to make instant changes to the colours/effects of the pad.

The software gives you 5 preset lighting options to chose from, of which you can slightly alter the brightness of the colours and frequency of the colour changes.

  • Wave – The wave preset is a flow of colours emitting around the edge. You can set the direction of the wave preset to be clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • Spectrum Cycling – The lights seamlessly blend from one colour into the next.
  • Breathing – The entire pads light simultaneously pulse giving you the breathing effect. You can customise this feature to alternate between two different colours.
  • Static – The pad remains lit but with just one colour of choice.
  • Reactive – The reactive feature is great but requires at least one other Razer Chroma device(mouse or keyboard). This feature syncs up the devices and when you click they light up with a pulse. You can change the length of time the light stays on and what colour it flashes.

A small side feature to Razers software is the ability to sync up devices. With a click of a button in Synapse, you can now apply your changes to other Chroma enabled devices giving you uniformed RGB.

You can read our Razer Synapse Gaming Software guide right here.

Mousepad Testing Section

  • Aim Test  – test the mouse pad with the same mouse on CS GO aim training map, take an average of the scores.

Mousepad Comparison Section

  • Compare the mousepad to similar competitors or to its own brands previous model

Our Verdict

The Razer Firefly is one stylish mouse pad. It sits well on my desk and completed my RGB setup (mouse, keyboard, and pad). I can’t say there are many gaming surfaces that look better and if you are a hard pad user that is considering this you won’t be disappointed. Its visually amazing yes but it performs really well too. Its high-grade surface tracked my mouse movements with ease and my mouse faced little resistance.  I loved how easy it was to sync with my Deathadder and I have to admit it gave me some joy to watch them both pulse together as one. It is expensive but you are going to be getting a quality product built to last (and light up!).

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