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There are thousands of gaming products, many are simply marketing ploys and a handful are actually fantastic. We are here to help you find the best of the best.
Thorough Research

Most of our team have been gaming since their early teens and as such they understand the industry and the consumers. Before we begin testing a new product area we sit down and conduct hours of research. This includes analysis in to the brands, product features, user reviews, expert opinions as well as using resources such as Reddit, Twitch, gaming forums and Youtube.

Hands-on Testing

Once we have finalised a list of products for each brand we then purchase every product and begin conducting our hands on testing. This begins at the packaging and ends with us spending hours upon hours testing the equipment in-game and follows a strict review template which is designed to help us extract the most important data from our testing.

Our Recommendations

After we have completed our analysis and testing we make our final recommendations. We look at a multitude of factors including quality and performance – many of the factors are unique to the type of product we are testing. In the end, our recommendations are based of hard work, many hours invested to help you, our reader, find the best of the best.


By Gamers, For Gamers - Our Gaming Gear Reviews
best wireless gaming mouse

We have hand tested more than 50 gaming mice over the past few months to find the best of the best. We are confident that we can help you find the best gaming mouse for your needs.

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Best Gaming Keyboards

We have spent the past few weeks testing more than 20 gaming keyboards in an effort to find the best gaming keyboards. Our in house team of gamers have various game styles and each enjoy different types of games, so we are confident that we can bring you accurate recommendations.

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Best Gaming Headsets

In the next few months we will begin testing various gaming headsets to try and bring you the best of the best at every budget. We understand our readers have various criteria for all of our gaming gear tests and various budgets. Bare with us, whilst we begin purchasing and testing the best gaming headsets on the market.

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best gaming mouse pads

We have tested more than 25 mousepads across the last few months, in an attempt to find the best of the best. From sizes to materials to thickness there are plenty of details to scrutinise and whilst it is a work in progress. We are very confident that we can help you find your perfect gaming mousepad.

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We do the research and provide unbiased, honest reviews and recommend to you only the best gaming products on the market.